These are a few testimonials from people that have experienced treatments at be-painfree.

Carys Bassett

IT Consultant, Bath

“Thanks to Ross's exceptional talent I was freed of my acute back pain within just a couple of sessions. He is extremely knowledgeabe with a humble disposition, which put me instantly at ease. I have seen many different professinals, but Ross is the only person to clarify that the problem i have with my back stems from the lack of engagement from my glutes area, which was impacting the quadratus lumborum. He was able to guide me with specific exercises to build strengh and maintain a pain free back"

Robert Webber

BA(hons) Landscape designer, Southvile, Bristol

“I went to Ross after breaking a shoulder blade in a fall. He not only worked to improve both my comfort levels and confidence but also dramatically restored my range of movement. He knows his subject through and through and very quickly senses the nature of your problem. He explains exactly what he is doing to improve it and you have absolute confidence in him. My recovery has been speedy. Ross is very user friendly-ie both friendly in his approch and interesting to talk to. I simply could not recommend him more!"

Aston Cook

Elite kickboxer and member of the W.A.K.O GB kickboxing team

"I have had a range of injuries from elbow and shoulder to my hips.  Ross has always nursed them back to good condition, but what im most thankful for is my improvement in kicking. Ross has greatly improved my range of movement in my hips which has improved my kicking and has made it easier to kick. I always like to have a treatment from Ross just before a competion to make sure im in my best possible condition before I fight. I couldn't recommend Ross more, as he understands your needs and what you want to achieve from his treatments" 

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Ryan Tutton

Driving Instructor, Bristol

"Working as a driving instructor i can be in the car up to 12 hours a day. I had terrible neck pain, my shoulders would ache and click when i moved them, this pain would give me problems with my sleeping and i was suffering with headaches. I decided i needed to do something about it so decided to have some treatments with Ross and I have never looked back! Since I have had treatments with Ross my shoulders feel relaxed and at ease, and they don't click! I no longer have a stiff neck, my headaches have gone and i'm sleeping like a baby. He has also made me aware of my posture whilst i'm working to keep my aches and pains at bay. As well as putting my car through a M.O.T I  like to have a body M.O.T and see Ross to keep my body running in perfect order"  

Kate Goodson

Hairdresser, salon co-owner (The buisness and Kuchi koo)

“Working as a hairdresser intels long days on my feet and poor posture which has led to alot of pain in my back and shoulders. I think my back has been particulary bad since the 2 labours I went through with my children. I have tried different profesionals and massage treatments, to which some even refused to give it a go and treat as they said it was to stiff and knotted!


With Ross although he confessed to my back being in a very bad state, he started from scratch. He took pictures so I could see where my posture needed improving to help me improve my back. Over the course of his treatmens he established the areas that needed treating, and treated them with expert precision. I can't beleive where i am now with a painfree back and full range of movement in my shoulders, I feel amazing, compared to how I used to feel in constant pain. I have regular treatments with Ross to ensure my back never end's up how it started. Thank you Ross"

Lee Baker

Groundswork, director of Earthworks UK and extreme down hill mountain biker

"Doing groundswork for the past 15 years has defintly taken it's toll on my lower back! As well as doing probably  not the most sensible sport in the world in extreme downhill mountain biking, I have had my fair share of injuries from that, including quite a bad knee injury. With my muscular pain to hard to ignore anymore I decided to see Ross, and I can safely say i'm glad I did! Not only has he relieved the pain in my lower back, he pointed out the reason's to why my back hurts so much, due to certain muscles being tight (such as my hamstrings) and other muscles being weak, in which he gave me strengthening exercises to correct it. 


I always tend to have a knock or muscular pain after one of my rides, to which i go to see Ross  so he can quickly relieve my pain so i can perform properly in my day job. Ross your a lifesaver, thank you"

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