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What is sports and remedial massage and soft tissue therapy?


Sports and remedial massage and soft tissue therapy is a lot more than just a 'rub down'!


At be-painfree massage therapy we use a variety of 

soft tissue techniques incuding soft tissue release (STR), muscle energy technique (MET), nuero muscular technique (NMT), trigger point therapy, myofascial work and friction to relieve tension, stretch and realign muscle fibres and bring back balance to the musclskeletal system.


These treatments are extremely popular with top athletes to keep them in shape for competion, pre and post event and also for body maintenance.


But massage therapy isn't just for athletes and sports people, anyone can benefit. If you work all day at a desk or long hours on a laptop you'll know what it's like to suffer with lower back pain or a stiff neck.  A common complaint we regularly treat is 'forward head posture' where posterior neck flexors are tight and strained and anterior neck flexors are weak and inhibated.


In all treatments I treat your tight muscles and give you home care advice and exercises to strengthen your weak muscles which will improve your posture bringing your body back into balance making you feel a lot better!


Whether you're a sports athlete, sat at a desk or a builder this type of treatment can help you relieve aches and pains and help you live pain free.

 Treatments can help:
  • pain relief

  • speed up recovery of injury

  • decrease muscle tension

  • strains/sprains/joint pain

  • posture imbalances

  • back and hip pain

  • neck and shoulder pain.

  • tennis elbow

  • carpal tunnel

  • sciatica

  • plantar fasciitis